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Seafarers UK - Fishermens Survey

Seafarers UK - Fishermens Survey

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Seafarers UK is a maritime grant funder. We are currently gathering fishermen’s views on challenges that affect their safety and welfare, as well as any needs they have in respect of developing their fishing business. From the information gathered, Seafarers UK aims to partner with other funders to provide funding for projects that help support the welfare and safety of fishermen.


Could you please help us to encourage more fishermen to complete the survey. This is a link to the survey -

And this information provides more background to the survey if you need it -


From the information obtained so far from Fishermen, an interim report has been produced, which is called Fishing for a Future -

This was discussed with fishermen and others at a meeting at Fishmongers’ Hall on 9 January 2018. These are the summary notes which capture key highlights and reflections made by attendees during the day’s discussions. These notes and the many comments and feedback received so far will be used to further inform and deepen Seafarers UK’s final research on Fishing for a Future.  The final research report, will be published in late spring, and will provide an evidence base to inform Seafarers UK’s future funding support for UK fishing communities.


In addition to completing the survey, comments on the interim report are still welcome from fishermen and those interested in UK fishing communities. Seafarers UK can be contacted at -




post:      Seafarers UK, 8 Hatherley Street, London, SW1P 2QT 


Or fishermen and their families can phone Seafarers UK in confidence on 020 7932 5975  and we will take a note of your comments.


Thank you for your interest in our research. We will let you know when the final research report is available.