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New module development

New module development

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We have recently added a new module to the site entitled 'Kingfisher'. 

Kingfisher Information Services

Kingfisher Information is the ultimate resource for fishermen: Kingfisher Bulletins, Awareness Flyers, and the fishing plotter files of offshore industry structures are all crucial tools to assist with safe fishing operations.   

For over 50 years, Kingfisher Information have provided the industry with invaluable information regarding subsea structures and the seabed. Kingfisher products improve safety and raise awareness of surface and subsea hazards around the coasts of the UK and Northern Europe.

Kingfisher work with all the offshore industries, including oil& gas, subsea cable, renewable energy and marine aggregates to bring the latest news and most accurate information to the hands of fishermen.

The information offered by Kingfisher Information is completely free to fishermen, and includes the following services:

Kingfisher Bulletins and News
Published fortnightly, these keep fishermen up to date with the latest news of offshore activities and potential hazards to fishing.

Oil& Gas Awareness
Working with the oil & gas industry, Kingfisher provide fishermen with two updates a year of the most accurate and up-to-date positions of oil and gas structures. These are available for your fishing plotter.

Cable & Wind Awareness
Working with the cable and renewable industries, Kingfisher provide fishermen with annual updates, of the most accurate and up-to-date positions of wind farms and subsea cables. These are also available for your fishing plotter.

Awareness Flyers
These offer fishermen detailed information on offshore developments taking place in UK waters, including cable lays, pipeline installations and windfarm developments.

The Yellow Card
This is produced every six months, and contains a list of the positions of all Suspended Wellheads in UK waters.

For more details about Kingfisher Information, or any of its products, please contact us or phone +44 (0)1472 252 307.

To stay up to date with offshore hazards, news and activities, follow Kingfisher on Twitter @KingfisherInfo

Additional material will be added to this module over the next few months.