The dangers from the effects of alcohol while working at sea have long been recognised. Sadly the dangers posed by drugs are not so commonly understood but widely appreciated as having a negative impact on the user's judgments. It is a fact that drug usage has over the years become more and more common in society and in the workplace.  The effects of drugs are many and varied but understanding these impacts aren’t clear.  Like alcohol, drugs it is internationally understood that they will have a negative impact and will change how people behave. 

Being under the influence of drugs in any workplace is dangerous but none more so than at sea. 

FISG acknowledges its responsibility to promote safety on board fishing vessels and supports education by promoting the drug awareness course below. 

 The aim of the course is to help educate fishermen and raise awareness about the dangers associated with the use of the different types of drugs that are now commonly available. It is felt by FISG that by better understanding the issues and risks associated with drug use safety standards at sea can be maintained.