Final Assessment

Final assessment is an integral part of all the Seafish mandatory safety training courses. This part of the Seafish on-line training resource allows access to a final assessment for the Under 16.5m Skippers Ticket. 

You can only undertake these final assessments under the supervision of a Seafish Approved Training Provider. Also, if you do not achieve the passmark of 70% you will need to wait 2 days before you can resit.

You should contact your closest training provider when you feel ready to undertake your final assessment.  They will organise a venue for you to attend to undertake the final assessments under exam conditions.

Please note, that currently only the final assessment associated with the watchkeeping, stability and engineering components for the restricted Under 16.5m Skippers Ticket are available on-line.

Final assessment materials supporting the under 16.5m skippers ticket.