Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate

boatThe Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate training can be undertaken after 12 months of proven sea time (for a restricted certificate) or 18 months of proven sea time (for an unrestricted certificate).  The certificate is made up of the following components: 

  • The four basic one day safety training courses (health & safety, sea survival, fire fighting and first aid)
  • The one day Safety Awareness course
  • The five day or two day Watchkeeping course
  • The two day Basic Engineering course
  • The one day Intermediate Fishing Vessel Stability course
  • The two day GMDSS SRC course

The difference between the five day and two day watchkeeping course is that the five day course allows you to fish beyond 20nm from a safe haven and take out up to 12 passengers to a maximum of 20nm from a safe haven (leading to an unrestricted certificate). The two day course however, only allows you to fish up to 20nm from a safe haven and carry up to 12 passengers to a maximum of 3nm from a safe haven (leading to a restricted certificate).

Please note that the qualifications gained apply to the person and not the vessel - i.e. the vessel will have to meet other legal requirements.  More details can be found in MGN 411.

The courses below are designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to achieve the under 16.5m Skippers Certificate. Simply read through the materials provided and undertake the self assessments at the end of each section.  Once you are satisfied that you are able to achieve the required standard you should contact your local Seafish Approved Training Provider to organise a final official assessment.  Remember you have open access to these courses and their associated learning resources for as long as you like; enhancing your ability to gain your skippers certificate.

If, however, you feel you already have a good working knowledge in these areas you can just simply complete a final official assessment via an Approved Training Provider.

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